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Are you are a blogger, writer, an online marketer that wish to publish your article on My Education Nigeria (M.E.N)?. Then guest posting is the way to do so. The guest posting feature is integrated so as to allow other persons contribute to this blog in various ways.

Guest Posting is a free platform operated by blog and website owners to enable the audience to gain knowledge from several contributors without deviating from the blog main niche. Most persons that wish to write such articles are called Guest Posters. Most persons involved in this always have a lot of advantages and benefits.

Guest post topics

I am looking for high-quality, actionable posts that fit the theme of this blog. Anything in the following subjects would be welcome:
  1. General Educational Resources
  2. School News and Facts
  3. Educational Development
  4. Child Upbringing
  5. Scholarships and Grants
  6. Tips on How to Develop One's Career

What’s in it for you?

  1. Increase your online presence.
  2. Drive traffic to your website or blog and expose it to new audience.
  3. Get 2 quality high PageRank dofollow backlinks to your website or blog. At the moment (March 2017) 95% of our guest posts enjoy PageRank of 3 or higher, like the following guest posts:

Benefits Of Guest Posting

Some of the basic guest posting benefits offered to each person interested in this service are listed below.

Blog Exposure: Publishing a guest post here on My Education Nigeria, exposes you and your blog to readers and audience of this blog. For every posted published here, thousands of persons read and share. Hereby posting here enables you to directly meet with our readers.

Free Backlink: For every blog owner leaving a guest post with, we offer him/her a special package of a do-follow link. If you are a blogger you should know the meaning of this. As long as your blog post meet our recommendation, then you can earn a free backlink for your blog.

PageViews: When I first thought of guest posting, this was the first benefit I had in mind. At My Education Nigeria, we don't just offer you a credit link, we also help you promote your site by encouraging readers to view your blog and check out what you have on your blog. Hereby blessing you with more page views.

Guest Posting Policy
Before you can successfully see your post on our blog, then you must first read, understand and obey our guesting posting policy. Nearly every blog offering guest posting have these same policies, so I have tried to make it much soft and obey-able for you.
  1. Your article must be original, unique, well-researched and exclusive for My Education Nigeria (M.E.N).
  2. Please attach at least a picture relevant to the topic (and include image credits when necessary).
  3. It must be 700 words or more. Split your article into small paragraphs and include several sub headlines.
  4. Please add your byline at the end of the article. You can include up to two links in the byline.
  5. Subscribe to the post’s comments via email. We do expect you to promptly come back to reply to comments. It will encourage discussion and benefit you the most.
No Copied Content: We do not accept copied content. Any article you wish to publish here should be original and written by you. Copied contents also include content already posted on your blog. Copied contents upon review will not be posted.

Links: You are only allowed to submit just two links. One which links to your blog or Website, the second which links to your profile (You can more than one social profile link). All the linking in the post will be directed to our blog content.

Promotional Products: Product marketing of any kind are not accepted. (Click here to submit promotional products) Many bloggers tend to promote product e.g mobile phones, templates e.t.c. Such articles will not be published. All articles should be related to one of our categories: blogging, hosting, template design, technology etc. For those that wish to promote their music or videos simply visit - Promote Music And Videos

Sharing of Post: After posting or publishing, a guest poster must share the post to several social media networks so as to help promote the article published on my blog.

Guest posting is free and articles are published 24 hours after approval and review.

How To Submit My Guest Post.

Simply contact me on email. and every other step will be detailed to you. In case you are sending an email, the topic should be "Guest Post".
  1. Please include the post in the body of the email itself, or as an attachment in .txt, .doc or .docx format. Also attach the image for your post.
  2. Please include a sampling of your previous work ie. links to 2–3 blog posts you have written.

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