Possible Solutions to Indecent Dressing in Higher Institutions

Possible Solutions to Indecent Dressing in Higher Institutions

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    The escalating problems of Indecent Dressing among students in higher institutions has become alarming and needs quick attention. According to some research conducted by Myeducation.ng, 90% of respondents agreed that the problems caused leading to indecent dressing are factors (See factors of indecent dressing here) leading to Indecent Dressing. These are possible solutions to indecent dressing.

    Possible Solutions to Indecent Dressing:

    Peer Groups

    Peer groups contributes seriously to Indecent Dressing among students in Higher Institutions whereby every student wants to be known. Students prefer to relate more with their peers and some of them end up meeting with the wrong people in Higher institutions. However, students are advised to follow the right people in order to avoid engaging in bad habits. 

    Mass Media

    Everyone knows that the mass media is an agent of socialization to humanity. Radio houses, television stations, newspapers and magazines should discourage publicizing illicit materials (adverts, films, e.t.c.) to the public. The promotion of indecently dressed persons on screen (mostly the ladies) for the purpose of advertising should be discouraged and stopped. Programs like Big Brother Naija, Big Brother Africa, e.t.c. displaying and promoting indecent dressing regularly should be banned by the concerned authorities. 

    Religious Institutions

    Religious institutions like Churches, Mosques should take part in eradicating indecent dressing in the society. Sermons should be prepared specially for this purpose to discourage youths and adults on indecent dressing. Pastors and Imams should schedule consultations with their members in order to educate them on indecent dressing. 

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    Nollywood, Hollywood, Film Makers e.t.c

    The big film industry makers should also take part in discouraging indecent dressing among its celebrities. Celebrities perpetrate highly in dressing indecently. Female celebrities are to be cautioned by concerned authorities to be modest in film and other related productions. 

    Good Parenting

    There is a saying that goes, “good morals begins at home”. Parents should caution and teach their children how to dress properly. Mothers play a vital part in this issue, there should be some checks on their female children even the male before leaving the house. Parents are obliged to bringing up their children in the fear of God. Parents are expected to have time for their children even at their tight schedules in order to check and play their part as moral exemplars to their children.


    The possible solutions to indecent dressing as discussed above are the factors perpetrating to having students in higher institutions engage in dressing indecently. Concerned authorities should also embark on strategies to educate students on how to dress modestly. 
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