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How To To Study Abroad, Guidelines & Requirements

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How To To Study Abroad, Guidelines & Requirements. This article will show you the process of applying for a study abroad program.

How To To Study Abroad
How To To Study Abroad

The journey to your study abroad dream is shortest. You only need to understand all the process involved and know exactly what to do at any given point in time.

Below are some guidelines and requirements that will help you process your study abroad program:

Guidelines To Study Abroad Program


Getting an International Passport is very imperative, because you will make use of it in every process you will follow, which includes using it as an ID Card during international exams you will be writing in the future.

To obtain an international passport, you will need two passport photographs of 2 by 2 inches each, which you will take to Nigerian Immigration Service for registration.

The charges ranges from N 10, 000 to N 20,000. Whatever it takes, just make sure you get your international passport ready before applying for a study abroad program.


If you have been planning to study oversea at one point in your life, you must have settled in your mind the type of course you would like to study. But, one thing you should bear in mind at this stage is, choose a course or a program you are sure of excelling in.

For those students trying to pursue a Postgraduate degree abroad, perhaps, you might want to further on your undergraduate course of study or try something new entirely.


To begin a school search, perhaps, the internet should be your first call. If you are unable to afford the expenses that comes with studying abroad, you can enroll for a scholarship. There are schools that gives students up to 65% to 100% scholarships depending on the availability of the scholarship and a student’s performance in the prerequisite exams.

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Now That you have chosen a school, you need to identify the exams you need to sit for and start preparation.

For Nigerian students pursuing an undergraduate program in the United States or Canada, the West African Senior School Certificate (WASSCE) results is an essential requirement. If you have this result, you will need to sit for SAT and TOEFL.

If however you already have a degree from a Nigerian university and wishes to go for a masters degree in the US, then, you need to sit for the GRE or GMAT and then the, the TOEFL.

For those Nigerian students who choose the United Kingdom as their study destination, the SSCE or WASSCE plus a successful completion of a recognized foundation course (English Language proficiency test) is all that is needed for a bachelor degree program.


If you successfully passed the above exams, the next step is to apply to the school you choose. Note that application is done online or through post office. You should also be aware that every schools has their own admission requirements. But the basic admission requirements are:

  • WAEC result,
  • TOEFL score,
  • SAT or GRE/GMAT score,
  • English Proficiency Test Result (UK students)
  • Bank statement within the last 6 months,
  • A Recommendation Letter etc.

Also, note that each school has it own deadline for application. Be sure to apply on time. The exam scores will not be sent by you but by the exam body directly to the school. That is why you will fill in the school you want to receive your scores on the exam day. When sending your WASSCE result, include a scratch card which they will use to confirm your results from WAEC website.

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This is the final stage in the study abroad application process. You are going to receive your admission letter and a 1-20 Form from the school you choose. What you should do next is to pay Sevis fee and commence preparation for Visa interview. The sevis fee is required by all foreign nationals who come to the United States for the purpose of pursuing a full course of study.

When you have paid both Sevis fee and Visa fees, fill the DS-160 Form online. You will need to create a User ID (Your Email) and Password. Complete all pages of the Form and print the confirmation page.

After that, you will need to take the confirmation page print-out to the US embassy. After filling the DS-160 Form, book a Visa interview date online and also print out the confirmation. You may have the option of selecting either the US embassy in Lagos or in Abuja as well as selecting the passport pick up point if you successfully obtain a Visa.

However, for Nigerian students ready to study in the UK, you should get a TIER 4 student Visa. During your online application, you are supposed to fill an application Form in English, pay the visa fee online and then print-out your Form and book an appointment at a Visa application center.

In conclusion, the process of applying for a study abroad program may be quite challenging. We advice you get a good study abroad professional or agent to guide you all through the process.

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