13 Apr 2017

Causes and Effects of Indecent Dressing among Students In Campus and the Society

Today we  will be looking in the Topic "INDECENT DRESSING", the Causes and Effects.


Indecent Dressing.

Indecent dressing is said to be deliberate exposure of ones body to the public or dressing improperly.

The increasing rate at which Nigerian student now dress improperly is alarming and need to be addressed urgently, as this is against the principles of the society. Young people must know that indecent dressing do not improve ones beauty; rather,  it dents ones image and its also a show of rebellion but these has become a dress pattern that is common among students of higher institutions of learning especially the female students.

There is a popular saying ‘’Dress the way you want to be addressed,’’ the way one dresses determines the way he or she will be addressed. If a person dresses properly and decently, he or she will definitely attract respect and the person’s dignity will be protected, but when one is indecently dressed, he or she will attract disrespect, harassment, scandals and even rape which most indecent dressers experience.

Many youth are exposed to western cultures and their mode of dressing which they observe on television or social media where they see celebrities dress indecently and they try to emulate them. Most celebrities, while on stage, wear all sorts of clothes like pants, miniskirts, bumper shorts, tight trousers and some even wear their trousers on their waist, a style now referred to as sagging. The youth tend to dress this way in order to be like the celebrities they see on television, thereby ignoring the value of Africans with respect to the way one should dress in order to be addressed with respect and value, all in the name of fashion

  • Poor parental guidance
  • Influence from peer groups
  • Misuse of the Internet
  • Not keeping to cultural values
  • Low self esteem
  • Demonic oppression


Students who engage in indecent dressing either suffer or engage in the following activities:
  • Prostitution (females)
  • Robbery
  • Lying
  • Poor performance in school
  • Rape and sexual harassment in the case of the female students
  • Joins cult (mostly the males)
  • Unable to complete ones studies
  • And worst of all some end up being used for ritual.

In as much as we are all entitled to our own opinion, we should try to dress moderately, we should dress to our standard and not drag our families name to the mud.

I believe you find this helpful? In case you have any suggestion, questions or anything related, don't hesitate to hit the comment box below. Thanks.
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  1. Mr. Thompson Iyale14 April 2017 at 06:11

    I truly enjoyed this article. It's really informative and nicely articulated.

    Africans are known for their culture and dignity. The urge for Western culture is just deemed to destroying our way of life and its affecting our youths.

    Those in recognized positions like Celebrities should do well to attribute good morals so that their followers can emulate better habits.

    Thank you for this wonderful article.

    1. Actually, the Western culture has indeed really affected our way of life in terms of dressing. This has caused a havoc resulting to indecent dressing.

      Indecent dressing should be treated with thorough caution before it spreads.

      Just imagine the effects of indecent dressings in our community today?.a

  2. great Post.Keep up the good work

  3. Such a wonderful article you've got on "Causes of Indecent Dressing and Effects of Indecent Dressing".

    I so much appreciate you for this wonderful piece.

    You guys are exceptional. Thank you for making my day today. Atleast I have learnt a lot on "Indecent Dressing".

  4. Wow,you nailed it with this post. Am so much against the way some of our ladies dress these days. These are people who would become mothers what will they tell their daughters wen the time comes and their daughters also start dressing in the same manner they did exposing their body parts that is meant for the eyes of their wedded husband


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